Benefits of Doggy Day Care for both Dogs and their Owners

Dog playing at a doggy day care centre

Doggy Day Care centres are becoming an increasingly popular choice in helping to combat pet loneliness. Also helping Dog owners to deal with the worrying and stressful experience of leaving their furry family member alone. 

Day care centres for dogs are more than just a place to leave your pooch when you can’t be with them. It also gives them the chance to socialise with other dogs whilst being kept entertained through activities. Dogs will become more familiar to other sights, smells and sounds making them less anxious and more confident, which helps to reduce their nervousness around other animals and humans.

For a huge number of years dogs have been bred for particular occupations, like chasing, grouping, security and guarding. Today the majority of household dogs are simply another member of the family and their naturally bred instincts are often not used to their full potential. This can cause dogs to become bored, lazy, overweight and even naughty!

Dog Day Care helps to combat boredom and keeps a dog active, mentally and physically. Having said that if your dog does suffer from any ailments the trained staff will know how best to deal with your pet individually, creating an activity plan that suits them and allows them to fully enjoy their day.

What are the advantages of Doggy Day Care for Pet Owners?

By keeping a dog active it reduces their stress levels and boredom which prevents any destructive behaviour in a pet owner’s home, such as chewing furniture.

They develop their skills and become happier, healthier and more confident pets making them much easier to handle at home and out in public.

It also helps dog owners to overcome the worry and guilt they may feel when leaving a pet alone all day, by knowing they are running, playing and socialising with other dogs in a controlled and safe environment, run by experienced and trained staff.

So doggy daycare is a great benefit to both dogs and their owners.

It can be tricky to find a good Dog Day Care centre, which is why Petbeing provides real customer reviews to help other pet owners in making the right decision.

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