No Easter Egg Hunts for the Hounds – Chocolate is Bad for your Dog

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If you’re organising an Easter egg hunt this weekend then make sure you take extra care not to leave any chocolate still laying around after the game is over, especially if you have a pet dog.

This, of course, may be easier said than done if you’re great at hiding the little chocolate treats, but remember, dogs have an excellent sense of smell. No matter how good your hiding skills are against  the human eye, it’s fairly easy for a pooch to find the hidden treat. This simple Easter game can easily become a very dangerous one for your beloved pet.

Why is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

Chocolate contains the compound theobromine and this is the ingredient which is highly poisonous to dogs. Us humans can easily digest this ingredient, where as dogs process it much more slowly which allows it to build up to toxic levels in their system.

How will chocolate affect my dog?

How chocolate affects your dog can vary, it firstly depends on how much they have eaten. A small amount may give them an upset stomach, causing vomiting and diarrhea, but larger amounts are fatal.

It will also depend on your dog’s size and weight. A 90 to 250mg amount of theobromine per kg of body weight can be a fatal dose.

Some of the common signs you should look out for if your dog has accidentally eaten any chocolate this Easter are increased hyperactivity, vomiting, seizures, muscle tremors, an increased heart rate and restlessness.

With large amounts, theobromine can produce internal bleeding and cause a heart attack.

What shall I do if my dog has eaten chocolate?

If you know your dog has eaten chocolate or if they start to show any of the signs above, you should look to call your Veterinarian immediately.  

You could also try to induce vomiting if it is within two hours of when they ate it.


With the Easter break fast approaching be sure to take extra care in keeping your furry friends safe. Remember to pick up any remaining chocolate from your Easter egg hunt and try to keep all the chocolate in secure, out of reach places.

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