What is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day?

chihuahua dog at work


This Friday 22nd June is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. This is an annual nationwide event that helps to raise money for the charity All Dogs Matter.

The All Dogs Matter charity is a rescue home for dogs in and around the London area, who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome many abandoned dogs each year.

So getting involved is for a very worthy cause. Any business, from all industries, (as long as it is safe to do so) are invited to join in. So why not pack that doggy lunch box and bring your pooch in! 

What are the benefits of bringing your dog into work?

As well as a huge dose of cute factor, a big benefit of bringing your pooch into work is how it increases staff morale and productivity. And it most certainly brings that little bit of extra cheer and happiness into the work place.

But not only that, medical studies actually suggest that the presence of pets actually reduces the stress in people at work. Bonus!

Whether you’re raising funds or just bringing your doggy in to raise awareness, then be sure to take a picture and post on social with the hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay.

You can also tag us in @petbeing!

Keeping your pet safe in work

Always keep the safety of your pet a priority though when bringing them into the workplace. Make sure the environment you are bringing them into is fit for them with no potential hazards.

Also, it’s advisable to have your pet up to date with vaccinations and only bring them in if they are clean, fit and healthy, and are not likely to cause any harm to any of your work colleagues. No biters!

If you are looking for a dog grooming salon, or even a vet near you to keep your dog healthy and happy, you can search and book our trusted pet services here.

Have a fun doggy day!

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