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Dog grooming is very important not only for their appearance but their health and well-being. Our beloved four legged companions love spending time outdoors, happily foraging and exploring their surroundings, which, more often than not, consists of puddles, lakes, grass, bushes and unfortunately even mud.

Different breeds of dog will require cleaning and grooming more often than others. For instance dogs that shed will need less grooming than ones that don’t.

Whether you clean your pooch at home or through a dog grooming parlour, these are our 5 main reasons why dog grooming is important for all breeds:

  • Promote Healthy Blood Circulation

Brushing your dog’s coat gives healthy hair growth and allows the coat to be aired out with every brush, keeping it free from built up dirt and bacteria. This is especially important with long haired breeds. As well as this, brushing a dog’s fur promotes healthy blood circulation, which improves the overall health and condition of the skin and coat.

  • Reduce Buildup of Grease and Matted Fur

When a dog’s coat is brushed their natural oils are spread all over their fur giving the coat a healthy shine. In addition to this it stops their grease levels building up, which can normally results in pores becoming blocked causing painful cysts. Also, if dog hairs are not brushed out regularly they form into matted clumps that can cause soreness and skin complaints.

  • Healthy Skin

Having your dog groomed by professionals means that any health issues will be spotted, which could otherwise go unnoticed. These can be issues such as any cuts, skin irritations and any swelling, as well as spotting ticks and fleas early on.

  • Healthy Ears and Eyes

Dog grooming gives the perfect opportunity to check their eyes and ears, two areas where dogs can suffer from health issues. Long haired dogs will need the hair from around their eyes keeping trim so that it does not damage or irritate their cornea. Dogs with long floppy ears can be more prone to ear infection due to the lack of air circulation so these should be checked and cleaned out regularly.

  • Less anxious pet

Taking your dog to a grooming parlour also has the added benefit of teaching and reassuring your dog to be comfortable when being touched, as well as being exposed to different surroundings, fundamentally reducing your dog’s fear when it ever comes to paying the vet a visit!

All dogs, whatever the breed, small, large, short haired, and long haired, will benefit from regular grooming. Even though smaller grooming tasks can be done at home, some pet owners prefer to leave this to the professionals. There are many benefits to visiting a good groomer, firstly they have all the special tools and equipment ready for any size or shape of dog, as well as having  experience in handling different personalities and characteristics, such as anxious, or lively dogs.

If you are looking for reputable, trusted dog grooming parlours for your pet then Petbeing can help.

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